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Looking for a Birmingham chiropractor? Maybe you’re suffering from one of the many common conditions that present at our centre such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain or migraines? Perhaps you have headaches, shoulder pain or an arthritic hip or knee? Well you’re in the right place and at Zest Chiropractic we’re here to help you in a new and unique way.

We’re the only chiropractor in Birmingham to offer Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABCTM). With ABC we make deep changes to your body’s posture, correcting the underlying reason many aches and pains begin in the first place.

With your posture improved you’ll look better, feel better and move better! You’ll be able to get back to doing all the things you love and take control of your health naturally. Call your Birmingham chiropractor today and let’s get started!

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meet the team

meet the team

At Zest Chiropractic we provide a fun and friendly environment to support you on your journey to optimum health.

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Here you’ll find a list of some of the most common complaints we see at Zest Chiropractic.

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what to expect

what to expect

At Zest Chiropractic we want you to feel relaxed and cared for throughout your whole journey with us.

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amazing posture awaits you

At Zest Chiropractic we understand that posture has a huge effect on your health. Your muscles, nerves organs and tissues are all suspended off the bony framework of your skeleton. If your spine or other bones are out of position this can lead to stretch or compression of your tissues, causing aches, pain, pins and needles, stiffness and many other symptoms. Makes sense, right?

By correcting your posture and educating you on the best way to support your body through exercise and lifestyle choices we’ll help you get out of pain and back to optimal health. Just visit the success stories page to see what our patients are saying about our chiropractor and how ABCTM chiropractic treatment in Birmingham has helped them.

To book an appointment simply phone us on 0121 777 1400, or for more information you can  – we’re always happy to answer your questions! As your Moseley chiropractor we’re passionate to help you feel great and get rid of you lower back pain or headaches as fast as possible.

So, whether you’ve been struggling with symptoms for weeks, months or years call our Birmingham clinic and our team will be there to help you. It’s never too late to start getting your life back!

We look forward to meeting you soon. Join us and rediscover your zest for life with ABCTM chiropractic!

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