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What to Expect

A smile, a warm welcome and a friendly team!  At Zest Chiropractic we want you to feel relaxed and cared for throughout your whole journey with us.  Here’s what you can expect from us along the way.

Initial Consultation and Examination

This is where we really get to know you and determine exactly what’s causing your symptoms.  We take a detailed health history then run through a number of special tests to assess your health and the function of your spine, joints and nervous system.  If for any reason we determine that chiropractic care isn’t suitable for you, we refer you to the most appropriate professional straight away.

Report of Findings

In your follow-up Report of Findings we explain what we found, what we can do to help and how many sessions are needed in your case. You’ll also find out lots of things that you may not have known about your body and just how important your posture, spine and nervous system are!  We’ll also answer any questions you may have so that you understand everything and know exactly what to expect before we get started.

Adjustment Session

Once we’ve answered any questions that you may have, and if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll start your adjustments.  As well as your chiropractic adjustments we also give you lots of advice during these sessions. From things like posture, stretches and exercise to ergonomics and a healthy diet – anything that will support your recovery naturally!

Chiropractic Fees 2020

Payment is accepted by cash or credit / debit card.

Private Health Insurance

We are registered with most major health insurance companies except for Bupa and AXA-PPP. If you would like to use your health insurance, please ensure you obtain authorisation from your insurer before booking your appointment and bring along the details with you. In some cases your insurer may require you to have a GP referral to us, please check your individual policy.

what to expect
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