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Top 10 Tips to Prevent Back Pain When Gardening

The weather has been mostly kind to us this summer and many of our Birmingham chiropractic patients have been getting out there and enjoying their gardens. With all the bending, mowing, digging and lifting this can involve it’s important to protect your spine so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour without suffering back pain. With this in mind here are Zest Chiropractic’s top 10 tips to protect your back and prevent back pain when gardening.

If you do feel any strain, discomfort or back pain after gardening that has lasted more than 24 hours consult your Moseley chiropractor Lisa Andrews for advice. Chiropractors are trained to detect and treat spinal problems. We provide expert care for your back, muscles and joints, helping you enjoy life to the fullest. Call Zest Chiropractic today on 0121 777 1400, we’ll be happy to help you!



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