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Success Stories

We love hearing our patients success stories at Zest Chiropractic. If you would like to add your story to those here, please just let us know, we’d love you to join in!

Lisa Andrews
Your Birmingham Chiropractor

"able to get back to exercising"

I went to Zest after suffering for several months with plantarfasciitis. I was having pain even just walking around. After a few sessions with Lisa my foot was vastly improved, and now I have been able to get back to exercising and walking around without any pain.

"Lisa listens to you"

Made a huge difference to my breathing. Every appointment Lisa listens to you and asks questions re: health and wellbeing. Will recommend to anyone. Appointments always run on time - immaculate/relaxing environment.

"wish I had come sooner"

After 3.5 years of back pain I came to Zest and 3 months later I feel revitalised, virtually pain free and happier in my life generally. I can't imagine life without chiropractic now and wish I had come sooner.

"much improved"

I have a grade 3 spondylolisthesis and came with severe muscle spasms in my thoracic region. These are much improved and always subside after treatment. As a busy Mum the security of knowing I can achieve pain relief is so reassuring. Thank you!

"reducing migraines and straightening my posture"

I first attended to prevent my problems from happening, visiting has assisted in reducing migraines and straightening my posture. Many thanks.

"highly recommended"

Shoulder injury suffered with playing tennis and historical back pain in lower back.The latter was corrected early on and great improvement in shoulder. Treatment and support of chiropractor highly recommended.

"enjoyed our chats on keeping healthy"

Having experienced lower back pain for the past 2 or 3 years on and off, I thought that I wanted to try chiropractic. The week I saw Lisa the pain had been particularly bad. The sessions have now finished and I am completely pain free - I can't believe what a difference it has made. I have just returned from a walking holiday in the Lake District and walked every day without suffering any back ache whatsoever - RESULT! Thank you Lisa. I also enjoyed our chats on keeping healthy - I learned a lot.

"supported my health and wellbeing"

Before I started having appointments with Lisa I always suffered with shoulder and lower back pain from my job as a nurse.  After the first appointment with Lisa she gave me exercises and stretches to do and was extremely thorough in her assessment.  Over the past year I went back to studying, sitting in unnatural positions for lengthy periods of time at the laptop.  Lisa has supported my health and wellbeing throughout.  I believe without Lisa’s expertise, knowledge and understanding I wouldn’t be feeling as good physically as I now feel.  Lisa is very friendly, welcoming and above all really knows her stuff!  Thanks for helping me over the last year – very much appreciated.

"taller, stronger and in a better condition"

I came to visit Lisa with numerous alignment issues and general aches from cycling and golf.  After each session I leave feeling taller, stronger and in a better condition which enables me to improve at my different activities.  Fully recommend!!

"relieved so much of the acute pain"

I first came to Lisa in July 2012, after injuring my back quite badly whilst moving furniture. I was in a great deal of pain and couldn’t bend down at all, even sitting was uncomfortable. My posture had actually changed to an S shape, which frightened me. I rang Lisa for an urgent appointment and was seen the same day. That afternoon she relieved so much of the acute pain. Before coming to Lisa I was sceptical about chiropractic, but I am a complete convert now.

"my back has improved 100 fold"

I had been suffering with a bad back / sore neck since 2007.  To the extent the pain would be so severe I would cry with pain and have to lie on my stomach for hours.  My job demands a lot of hours on the road, which made it worse.  I am delighted to say my back has improved 100 fold with Lisa’s help and I am no longer in severe pain, nor do I have to have strong pain killers.  I am delighted with the help Lisa has given me and would and have recommended her to anyone that has back / neck pain.

"Lisa has completely changed my life"

After suffering from excruciating pain for several months I made an appointment. After only a few weeks I noticed a considerable change. The pain had slowly disappeared & within 6 months I was doing things I hadn’t done in years. Lisa has completely changed my life! Great friendly service, would strongly recommend it!

"it has made such a difference to my life"

I absolutely have to say that before I came to you my back was not in a good place. I had difficulty walking, sitting or even standing for long periods of time. However, since having my treatments you can’t believe the relief I have, it has made such a difference to my life. I am always recommending to others who suffer with a bad back to go and have a try for themselves, I’m pretty sure they will see the difference as I did.

"Lisa quickly got to the root of the problem"

I came with awful pain & tension in my neck, upper back & shoulders, this tension often resulted in severe headaches. Lisa quickly got to the root of the problem. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner.

"the improvement was dramatic"

I have suffered with back problems for 20 years. After a severe recent painful attack I was advised by friends to consult a chiropractor. I made an appointment with Lisa Andrews. The improvement was dramatic. The pain disappeared and I found I had recovered the ability to move my back and neck with the freedom of many years ago. Chiropractic worked for me. Thank you Lisa.

"makes my wellbeing a priority"

Lisa has stabilised my neck and back pain to the point where I no longer have to take pain relief on a regular basis. Lisa is always very professional but also very friendly and always makes my wellbeing a priority.

"explains so you come away enlightened"

What I found is you get more understanding about your joints and their movement. You learn how your skeleton works. Each appointment starts with exercises and finishes with the same exercises so you see the results straight away. Ask Lisa a question and she gets the models out and explains so you come away enlightened. The results now speak for themselves – no more quick fixes with a heat pad or ice!!!! Thanks Lisa for the last 10 months.

"it is like magic"

I had been suffering with a niggle in my shoulder for a few months, I wasn’t in particular pain but my shoulder clearly wasn’t quite right. One of my friends recommended Lisa and I got in contact with her to see if it was something that she could help with. She was able to ascertain what the problem was and gave me treatment and exercises to do, which soon resolved the issue. I also had some residual problems with my hip and lower back from a previous injury, which Lisa was also able to help with. I wasn’t sure what to expect before my first appointment, but Lisa listened to the problems which I had been experiencing and explained what the problem was and what she could do to help. She talked me through the treatment and made sure that I knew how to carry out the exercises at home. I was slightly concerned that the treatment might be painful, but it definitely isn’t uncomfortable in the slightest, and I always feel so much better after a session – it is like magic! Lisa is a very friendly and helpful professional, and I would definitely recommend her.

"very friendly and flexible for appointments"

I was having constant issues with my back and started having them with my knees also. I have no noticed a big difference in my back where it is not as tight, moving more freely and also a lot stronger. Although I am still getting some pain in my knees it is significantly less than before. They are also very friendly and flexible for appointments.

"enjoy exercise and sport again, pain free"

I went to see Lisa after having at least 6 months of back and shoulder pain. I received really great treatment which has lead to a full recovery. I am now able to enjoy exercise and sport again, pain free. Thank you.

"real help and advice on improving my health"

It takes a long time to find a specialist like a Chiropractor that you trust and feel comfortable with and get real benefit from. Lisa meets and exceeds these expectations, providing me with not only treatment but real help and advice on improving my health.

"excellent treatment"

Lisa is thorough, professional and highly competent. I have always received excellent treatment and service throughout.

"I feel so much better now"

I have felt very comfortable with Lisa throughout my treatment, always finding her very understanding, friendly and very confident in what she is doing. Thank you Lisa I feel so much better now.

"I shall recommend you"

Thank you Lisa for your help and I shall recommend you to anyone who has suffered the way that I have.

From the first session everything is explained clearly and all questions answered. They offer a very warm and welcoming - as well as painless experience. Very happy.

After having a car accident I was suffering with neck and back problems. After just a few sessions my neck felt so much better and my back is getting there week by week.

Having had a chronic back problem, Lisa quickly identified the cause and through regular treatment resolved the issue. Continued treatment has meant I am now pain free, mobile and able to play golf again. If only Lisa could improve my handicap!

Great service, location and friendly staff. I couldn't believe the difference my very first adjustment session made. I was so straight I felt so much taller!! I have become more aware of keeping my back straight by keeping my head up.

I had a head on car crash in 1986 and suffered shoulder pain since then. As I aged other aches and pains developed which I put down to the ageing process. Now aged 70 all my aches and pains have gone and I lead a more active life.

Having ABC treatment I feel like a new man. It's allowed me to continue with my work and my life. Very welcoming and friendly. Lovely atmosphere.

Lovely clean environment, friendly staff and great location. Came about my back but you sorted my hip after 9 years of pain. Lisa sorted hip out whilst sorting out my back - feel wonderful. Thank you.

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